Business Solutions

for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs

Cloud Modular

KibaLab is a project through which we develop modular software solutions for small and medium enterprises, based on Cloud SaaS technology.
Cloud Modular is an innovative technology that, with all the advantages of Cloud technology, is based on "Hold The Core" modular add-ons that, like a jigsaw puzzle, add or remove certain functionalities without compromising system stability.


The modern business environment is made up of hardworking, concentrated and dedicated people who don’t have time for unimportant things.

KibaLab is an innovative brand that is emerging after almost 20 years of active work experience in IT activities and visual communications.

Our philosophy has a focus on the person, on simplicity, concrete business processes without ambiguities and comprehensiveness that often lead to unnecessary confusion and inefficiency, which is often the case with standard global systems.

We offer our clients services for the design and development of web/cloud applications, marketing consulting and planning, and services for the development of visual communications from graphic and industrial design to multimedia solutions.

In business, we strive to be simple, efficient and rational in terms of value for money.

Our goal is to create modern business solutions that solve problems in the long run and sustainably develop stable relationships with our clients.

Our Mission

Provide the best possible communication and software solutions that enable companies or individuals to stand out and be realized.

Our Vision

Remain an acceptable, popular and successful IT studio recognizable by quality.


We offer you a wide range of different services to help you keep up with modern market demands.
We approach each client individually, so arranging a meeting and direct communication is a very good start to a successful collaboration with us.
Although it is impossible to list and elaborate all the services we can offer you, in order to get an impression of the breadth of our activities, here we present our services:

Market Research

Market research and reporting for various purposes, surveys, fraudulent customers, online data collection


Development of financial, marketing and business plans, strategy development and business consulting

Creative Studio

Development of innovative creative ideas and concepts for various purposes, from brainstorming to the development of ready-made creative solutions

Graphic Design

Development of graphic solutions, books of graphic standards, editing and preparation for printing, copywriting, photography, multimedia


Offset printing, digital printing, screen printing, transfer printing, large format printing, cnc engraving, stitching, promotional items, business gifts


Media plans and monitoring of campaigns, outdoor advertising, distribution of promotional materials, electronic media, web advertising

Web Hosting

Web domains and server space, data backup, e-mails, site hosting, ssl protection

Web Development

Development of web pages and online services, HTML, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Apache, MySQL, Sass, Less, Bootstrap, Material, Twig

Cloud Apps Development

Development of multi-user, multi-platform and SSL-secure cloud applications for various purposes, from simple to complex systems


Search Engine optimization, raising the presence and ranking of web search engines, Google Analytics control, Facebook optimization


Monthly maintenance of websites, web services and Cloud applications, publishing, upgrades, data backup, online help and active protection

Web Service

Management, development and maintenance of various dedicated web services in our ownership


To make an appointment or any questions related to KibaLab business solutions, feel free to contact us exclusively via the message form below. We will answer all of your questions as soon as possible.